Nucleus for the Web of Data

April 29, 2015 by DBpedia, Categories: Research Project

The Web is currently changing from a medium to publish and share text documents into a medium to publish and share data.
This transition is facilitated by ideas from the Semantic Web community and initiatives like the W3C Linking Open Data project.

The DBpedia data set is served as Linked Data ([1], [2]) which allows the data set to be interlinked with other data sets and ontologies.

As DBpedia covers many domains and provides data-backed identifiers for 3.64 million concepts, it is developing into an interlinking-hub for other data sets.

Please see Interlinking for an overview about the data sets that are currently interlinked with DBpedia and W3C Linking Open Data for a list of other data sets and ontologies that are published on the Web as Linked Data.

URL to the DBpedia Use Case: