Mobile and Geographic Applications

April 29, 2015 by DBpedia, Categories: Research Project

DBpedia contains information about geographic locations and is interlinked with other geo-related data sources such as Geonames, the US Census, EuroStat, and the CIA world fact book. The data set contains geo-coordinates for many geographic locations which enable location-based SPARQL searches.

This makes DBpedia a valuable data source for location-based applications. DBpedia contains short abstracts about places which display nicely on mobile phones and PDAs.

As current generation mobiles and PDAs start having GPS receivers, it is possible to implement nice location-based information services for them based on DBpedia data and the DBpedia SPARQL endpoint.

One example of such an application is DBpedia Mobile which demonstrates how DBpedia can be used as entry point into the geo-spacial Semantic Web.

URL to the DBpedia Use Case: