Include DBpedia Data in Your Web Page

April 29, 2015 by DBpedia, Categories: Research Project

One nice thing about Wikipedia is that is kept up-to-date by a large community. Therefore, if you need a table on your Web page with, say, German cities, African musicians, Amiga computer games from the 90s, or whatever, you could generate this table with a SPARQL query against the DBpedia endpoint, and your table will stay up-to-date as Wikipedia changes.

Such tables can be implemented either by using JavaScript on the client, or with a scripting language like PHP on the server. The second option also allows you to cache query results.

Besides tables, you can also use the text in your page to bring more data from DBpedia to your website. You can use a tool like DBpedia Spotlight to automatically create links to corresponding DBpedia resources.

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