The BETA release of the DBpedia REST API tries to hide the complexity of SPARQL and (partially) RDF in order to allow web developers querying of data from a SPARQL endpoint. The API is driven by the DBpedia ontology which allows users to query over values of different ontology properties like dbo:runtime or dbo:numberOfEmployees without specifying the expected datatype. Besides several RDF and non-RDF return formats, it features a basic API versioning.

If you want to try it out for the English DBpedia chapter go to the Swagger Interface, which also serves as documentation for the supported API calls:

The source code and some additional explanations as well as a setup guide can be found on GitHub. If you encounter a bug, please file an issue on Github.

If you want do discuss the API you can use the #rest-api channel in the DBpedia Slack.

All unregistered users share a qouta of 10000/1000/100 requests per day/hour/minute. If you would like to request a personal API key (with your private contigent of 10000/1000/100 requests per day/hour/minute) send a message to the principal contact. In order to query without limiations you can setup your private instance of the API and the backend (SPARQL endpoint).