May 18, 2016 by Judie Attard, Categories: Faceted Browsers, Query Builders, SPARQL query interfaces

The ExConQuer Framework consists of two tools:
  • The Query Builder Tool: Works on top of DBpedia (or other SPARQL endpoints) and enables users to construct a SPARQL query without requiring any knowledge of SPARQL or the datasets' underlying schema. Users are then able to download the data they require in a number of different formats. 
  • The PAM Tool: A faceted browser that allows users to browse and re-use any queries executed within the Query Builder, and either directly download the results or otherwise re-load the query in the Query Builder and edit it accordingly. 

Link to ExConQuer: http://butterbur22.iai.uni-bonn.de:3000/query/builder

A more in-depth description is provided on the About page [1], and we also provide a demo video [2].