Accessing DBpedia over HTTPS


Using DBpedia for a project, it's seems that it's impossible to access the service via Http protocol from a browser using HTTPS. Is there a work around solution for this? Or is it possible to include SSL certificates on the site, allowing us to access the site over https?

many thanks!

DBpedia in Dutch: formalizing the chapter by signing the Memorandum of Understanding

The DBpedia community and members from over 20 countries work hard to localize and internationalize DBpedia and support the extraction of non-English Wikipedia editions as well as build a data community around a certain language, region or special interest. The chapters are part of the DBpedia executives and have taken on responsibility to contribute to the infrastructure of DBpedia.

DBpedia meetup in Poznan

After our successful meeting in Poznan in 2015, we thought it is time to meet the Polish DBpedia community again. The DBpedia meetup will be held on 22th of November 2016 at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. This meetup aims at the presentation of semantic web technologies and their use in applications by entrepreneurs.


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