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DBpedia strategy survey

Dear DBpedians,

Sören Auer and the DBpedia Board members prepared a survey to assess the direction of the DBpedia Association. We would like to know what you think should be our priorities and how you would like the funds of the association to be used.

How to make a local dbpedia sparql produce the same data as the publicly available endpoint?

I used : to set up a local endpoint :

Used this test query : PREFIX  dct:  <> select distinct ?subject where { ?concept rdfs:label 'Macroeconomics'@en . ?concept ^dct:subject ?subject . }  LIMIT 100

Problem with Links RDF

There seems to be a problem with some of the URIs in the  Links data.
Some of them have a double quote in them, which of course makes rapper barf.
And I think some others may have another illegal character (viaf_links doesn't seem happy).
Of course, I can work around, but thought you should know.

Here are the error messages for rappers that failed:

What Sparql query should I use to navigate to the Image depicted in an Wikipedia Infobox ?

If I want to navigate from a DBPedia resource that is the subject of a Wikipedia page to the Image depicted in the page's Infobox, what Sparql query should I use ?

e.g.if I want to use the DBPedia resource:

in order to navigate from the Wikipedia page:


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