Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of industrial and academic users of DBpedia. Each membership organisation is asked to select an AC representative (and a substitute) to aid the Advisory Committee in giving adequate feedback about the usefulness of DBpedia Assets. Self-employed members represent themselves. Each AC representative has one vote in decisions and elections. Among the AC representatives a chair and a vice-chair is elected to preside over meetings and telcos and moderate the discussion and elections.

Community Committee

The active community of developers and engineers comes together in the community committee. The committee can be joined by recommendation only. Individuals wishing to join require at least three personal recommendations from current members of the Community Committee. Individuals that wish to join should also be or become a member of the association, either via individual membership or as employee of a membership organisation.  

The Community Committee elected two delegates (Magnus Knuth and Pablo Mendes) to take seats at the Board of Trustees.