GSoC 2015

DBpedia & DBpedia Spotlight @ GSoC 2015



DBpedia is a veteran organization at the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and would like to invite everybody who is interested to team up with our joint DBpedia & DBpedia Spotlight application for 2015.

For those who don't know what GSoC is, please go to

1 Our GSoC 2015 ideas

Check them out here:

2 For Students

Before you apply please read this:

You should also check out application template:

3 Our awesome mentors

Our mentors are all reliable members of the DBpedia and DBpedia Spotlight communities. Most of them have been active for more than one year now and have submitted several commits to our codebase or the mappings wiki. They all hold a stake in the DBpedia project, as their daily work relies in some form on the output produced by DBpedia and DBpedia Spotlight.
Below you can find the complete list, in alphabetical order.


4 What is GSoC

Google funds open source projects by paying students to work for three months on a specific task. The gain here is twofold: Students gain experience and OS projects get some work done and (possibly) new community members.

The workflow is as follows:

  • Open Source projects apply at Google by providing a list of possible projects that students can fulfill in the timeframe of 3 months (the application ends on February 20).
  • Once a project is accepted there is an application period where students apply for specific ideas on a project (February 20 – March 16).
  • Google grands a number of student slots to each project and mentors vote for the student selection.
  • Once the selection is over, there is a bonding period (1 month) where selected students take some warm up tasks to get familiar with the technologies.
  • Each student is assigned with an official mentor and additional co-mentors. The only difference is that the official one is responsible to fill 2 evaluation forms, one in the middle of the programming period and one at the end.

4.1 (co-)mentors

By becoming a DBpedia GSoC (co-)mentor you get:

  • a free Google T-Shirt :)
  • an opportunity to flight to SF at the Google headquarters for the Google mentor summit
  • You help DBpedia

OK, there are some responsibilities but not too many. We try to assign multiple mentors for each student to divide the workload. It will take some time during the application period (2 weeks) to help students write good applications in the ideas you have expertise.


In the end not all candidate mentors will be assigned a student. It depends on the number of students Google gives us and the ideas students applied for. To those who finally become a (co-)mentor, their responsibility will be to guide the student and make sure they are on schedule.

There are plenty of links and FAQs in the GSoC homepage:[..]page/google/gsoc2015