I'm following the instructions in page 282 of Bob Ducharme's Learning Sparql (2nd Ed) book to write a program to automatically construct dbpedia queries over the web by sending queries to the http://dbpedia.org/sparql?query= endpoint, appending a URLEncoded query.

I can contact the server and get a 200 response, but the sparql query itself does not succeed and the response includes the following text:

"(Security restrictions of this server do not allow you to retrieve remote RDF data, see details.)"

Is this intentional or have you just upgraded to a new version of the server and not yet enabled this access?

If I want to programmatically wish to make Sparql queries to a remote endpoint, what is the best way to do this programatically in a standards conforming way to  be able to query as many different Linked Data sites' endpoints as possible and get RDF data returned back ?