The DBpedia Data Provision Architecture

The DBpedia RDF Data Set is hosted and published using OpenLink Virtuoso. The Virtuoso infrastructure provides access to DBpedia's RDF data via a SPARQL endpoint, alongside HTTP support for any Web client's standard GETs for HTML or RDF representations of DBpedia resources.

Illustration of Current DBpedia Data Provision Architecture

Architectural Evolution

Though the DBpedia RDF Data has always been housed in Virtuoso, which has supported all desired means of access since the DBpedia project began, early DBpedia releases used Pubby Linked Data Deployment services in front of the Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint.

As the project gained traction, the HTTP demands on Pubby's out-of-process Linked Data Publishing services increased, and the natural option was to take advantage of Virtuoso's SPASQL (SPARQL inside SQL) and other Linked Data Deployment features, by moving these services in-process with Virtuoso.

Illustration of Deprecated Architecture