User Applications

Bubble Navigator

The Bubble Navigator is a tool for visual navigation of semi-structured or semantic web data. Its main strength is the ability to visualize vast amount of data and to provide full-text search in the real-time.



LODmilla is a DBpedia visualization service. LODmilla aims at visualizing associations in LOD graphs with special linked data functions such as

  • searching and exploring the neighborhood of a resource node,
  • saving and sharing graph views,
  • doing minor edits on triples,
  • etc.




Are you interested in how things are related with each other? The flash-based RelFinder helps to get an overview: It extracts and visualizes relationships between given objects in RDF data and makes these relationships interactively explorable.


AboutThisDay is a date-based "on this day in history" style search engine of facts like births & deaths of people, events and holidays. Provides year range and category filters to refine the results and a home-grown popularity algorithm to sort the results.


DBpedia DataID

The DBpedia DataID vocabulary is a meta-data system for detailed descriptions of datasets and their different manifestations, as well as relations to agents like persons or organizations, in regard to their rights and responsibilities.




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