If you are interested in any of the following positions, just get in touch with us via


Chapter Support

At the moment, DBpedia has around 20 language chapters, which are concerned with improving the extraction of data from language-specific Wikipedia versions. For example, you can look at the Spanish DBpedia or the Dutch DBpedia language chapter. The chapters are part of the DBpedia executives and have taken on the responsibility to contribute to the infrastructure of DBpedia. We aim to  formalize an official DBpedia Chapter consortium which permits a close dialogue with the chapters in order to address all relevant matters regarding communication, organization as well as technical issues. We want to provide the community the best basis to set up your very own chapter, such as more language chapters, regional chapters, or domain chapters as well as to develop the existing ones further. For chapter support, the DBpedia Association plans to establish a position to keep things running smoothly. In case you are interested to support the DBpedia team let us know and apply here.




Ontology Group Support

Recently, Martina Solanki and Gerard Kuys have become the chair of the Ontology Working Group. Congratulations! In order to support their work and the work of the Ontology group we are looking for a motivated volunteer, that will help with technical issues and manage and extend the DBpedia ontology on a day-to-day basis, i.e. merging requests, fixing code and create validation mechanisms for the ontology. We think that this position is best filled by a PhD student whose topic is in the area of ontology maintenance and curation or by a developer of a company that uses the ontology for their products.


Chair and Co-Chair of Communications Group

In order to coordinate dissemination effort of DBpedia, we have founded the communications group. Currently, the group is supported by Sandra Praetor and Julia Holze form the DBpedia Association. However, we are looking for a chair of the communications group to give this working group focus and direction.


Drupal Developer

The latest DBpedia website is based in Drupal CMS and was developed by Semantic Web Company. We are looking for a drupal developer volunteer or in-kind contribution that will help us improve the website and make the content & mission of DBpedia easier accessible.


Education Contacts

We are looking for senior scientists that will serve as a contact point for Bachelor, Master and PhD Students who write their thesis about DBpedia. We expect the volunteers to:

  • maintain a webpage at which lists bachelor, master and internship topics from different DBpedia member institutions

  • serve as an initial contact point for interested students

  • serve as a contact for DBpedia member institutions

  • mediate between members and students and find supervisors

  • (co)-supervise theses together with the student’s national education body




General Requirements

  • good to excellent English skills
  • GitHub-account


6-12 month Knowledge Engineering Internship

We always welcome people interested in working on large-scale knowledge graphs. DBpedia can be extended in so many ways that we have projects in almost all areas of semantic web with varied duration.

Offsite / remote internships are possible as well.


Application Procedure

Please send us a short letter of motivation and your CV to

Include any of the following, if available/ applicable:

  • your bachelor and master thesis

  • a link to any open-source projects (including any mailing lists) you have been active on. (possibly via an aggregator service such as )

  • a list of publications (either scientific or otherwise, e.g. software documentation, blog posts)

  • your favorite UNIX one-line command (ideally related to RDF)

We will process your application and get back to you as soon as possible. For any questions regarding the positions or the application process please contact: