GSOC 2018

DBpedia & DBpedia Spotlight @ GSoC 2018


The DBpedia team is currently preparing our application for GSOC 2018. We are collecting and reviewing suitable tasks for potential GSoC projects. As soon as the official part is over and we are accepted for the 2018 's edition we will update this page. For more general information about DBpedia & GSoC please read here.

Please continue reading, If you are a candidate student

If you like to participate in the upcoming edition, there are already a few things you can do. In preparation for your application for one of our projects please follow the instructions below and be a little more patient until our projects are finalized.

In addition to the GSoC rules and for transparency reasons:

  • DBpedia does not accept any student that is affiliated with a DBpedia member organization.
  • Any relations between the student and current DBpedia mentors and/or DBpedia member organizations must be disclosed. Such relations does not exclude the student but, will be examined on a case by case basis. This is to ensure we have fair & equal treatment to all students.

Some hints before you apply for DBpedia projects

  • increase your visibility in the DBpedia Community
  • Start communicating with current DBpedia developers as early as possible
    • ​That way, you can get to know each other and tailor a proposal to something that DBpedia really needs and wants.
  • ​Join our  DBpedia-discussion -mailinglist, where we discuss current DBpedia developments. NOTE: all mails announcing tools or call to papers unrelated to DBpedia are not allowed. This is a community discussion list.
  • If you like to join DBpedia developers discussion and technical discussions sign up and join us in  Slack
  • Become a DBpedia Student and sign up for free at the DBpedia Association.