Board Minutes

4th Board Meeting February 2017:

  1. Updates from the DBpedia Association

  • New members: Ontotext, FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure, Mannheim University (Data and Web Science Group) and the Semantic Web Company joined the DBpedia Association.
  • We are in contact with Fraunhofer.
  • Next potential chapters to join:
  • German Chapter: Sebastian is in contact with Harald Sack and Adrian Paschke.

  • Japanese Chapter:  

    • Linked Open Data Initiative is a non-profit organization. They will sign the MoU and when they have new members they will join the LODI.

  • Korean Chapter: TODO Sebastian to contact Key-Sun

  • Italian Chapter: Dimitris is in contact with Marco and Michele

    • They have adapted the MoU for the Italian DBpedia chapter and they are in the process of sending it out to the candidate members.

  • Dutch Chapter: There is a new website:

  • DBpedia Community Committee

    • The active community of developers and engineers comes together in the community committee. We would like to build this committee with the help of Pablo Mendes and Magnus Knuth. Both were added as a temporary member of the DBpedia board.

    • The Committee can be joined by recommendation only. Individuals wishing to join require at least three personal recommendations from current members of the Community Committee.

    • Individuals that wish to join should also be or become a member of the association, either via individual membership or as employee of a membership organisation.

    • TODO Magnus & Pablo: Gather people on the slack “members” channel

  • Newsletter

    • Last week we sent the first DBpedia Newsletter to the DBpedia community.

  • Open Text Extraction Challenge

    • Sebastian and Sören created a new DBpedia challenge. Participants are asked to submit their engines that extract facts and knowledge from Wikipedia article texts to dramatically broaden and deepen the amount of structured DBpedia/Wikipedia data.

    • We will pay the price money (2000€ for this year) from the association budget.

  1. DBpedia Endpoint Reproducibility

    • Joern Hees is the task leader, he documented the current progress here:

    • Suggested own docker registries for hosting the full DB (dockerhub has limited size)

    • TODO: Create an importer script that sets up DBpedia 2016-04 / 2016-10

    • TODO: Automate the dump download / named graphs with DataID

    • TODO: Options for I18n chapter images with linked data interface setup

    • DBpedia Docker for Science: SPARQL endpoint is only for reproducibility.

    • DBpedia for Language Chapters: Duplicate main service with different chapter data (ease of deployment of current status)

    • OpenLink Software invested more hardware and put more infrastructure behind the DBpedia endpoint.

    • Action: We will collaborate with new industry partners and there will be start-up presentations at the DBpedia Community Meeting in Galway.

  2. Direct Fundraising (ways to increase income by third parties)

    • All members are asked to contact companies for direct support.

    • TODO: Sebastian and Dimitris to investigate a library license contract, i.e. subscribe DBpedia for educational support, e.g. an university library pays so that DBpedia is available for courses

  3. Community / Project Fundraising

    • Get other people to include money for DBpedia

    • The following actions should be done by the DBpedia Association:

      • Announce DBpedia as a project partner.

      • Create better visibility and branding.

      • Quality support

      • Branding campaign with clear acknowledgements

→ We need an active community!

  1. Public Fundraising

  • DBpedia had the first public fundraising campaign on the website and social media. So far, we received 270€ donations.

  • There was a discussion about cancelling the campaign and Sebastian suggested to remove the donation banner from the DBpedia website.

    • TODO Julia: Remove the Javascript banner from the website.

  • We need to incorporate donation features into the DBpedia Linked Data Pages. TODO: OpenLink (after Virtuoso 8)

  • TODO Julia: Prepare some Google analytics charts to gain user insights.

6.  DBpedia cooperations

  • Semantic Web Company
  • Eurostats

    • New collaboration for company data

  • Springer Nature

    • We will have a meeting in Leipzig in April.

  • German National Library

    • We will have a meeting on 23th of February in Leipzig.

7. DBpedia meetings

  • The 9th DBpedia community meeting will be held in Galway, Ireland on June 21th 2017. DBpedia will be part of the Language, Data and Knowledge conference in Galway.
    • TODO: We need to set up an organizing committee.

  • During the SEMANTiCS 2017 in Amsterdam, Sep 11-14, the DBpedia community will get together on the 14th of September for a DBpedia community meeting.  

    • We are already in contact with the Dutch DBpedia chapter to set up an organizing committee.

8. Strategy survey

  • As we discussed in Leipzig during the DBpedia community/board meeting Sören Auer prepared a strategy survey to assess direction where we are going. We spread the survey via the first DBpedia Newsletter on 2nd of February.
    • TODO: Sebastian will send the survey to the DBpedia mailing lists.   

    • TODO: Julia will put the survey on the DBpedia blog.

9. Improve PR strategy for better uptime

  • Currently there are less complaints and no hard measures.
  • TODO: Interface better with OpenLink for PR (We will put OpenLink reports on the website.)

3rd Board Meeting November 2016:

2nd Board Meeting August 2016:

1st Board Meeting May 2016: