Board Minutes

3rd Board Meeting November 2016:

1. (public) members of the DBpedia Association

  • Dutch Chapter

    • Three new institutional member of the DBpedia Association: iMinds, KB, Huygens.

    • We are in contact with Sound and Vision Institute and Network Institute (VU University Amsterdam).

    • All are currently signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

  • The board approved three requests for a voluntary payment option:

    • Poznan University of Economics and Business
    • Instytut Informatyki Gospodarczej Sp. z o.o. (a small startup)
    • Open Knowledge Foundation Greece
    • Short discussion about criteria for Voluntary Payment option:

      • Request should be well justified in future board meetings. Applicants should be in good standing with the association and should have contributed other resources in-kind.

      • Clear message that members on the voluntary payment option should pay the full amount, if they have money available, especially if acquired under the name of DBpedia

    • TODO: Julia will send new invoices

  • Next potential chapters to join:

    • German Chapter: Sebastian is in contact with Harald Sack and Adrian Paschke.

    • Japanese Chapter:


      • Linked Open Data Initiative is a non-profit organization

      • They will sign the MoU with InfAI and when the Japanese chapter has new members they  will join the LODI.

    • Korean Chapter: TODO Sebastian to contact Key-Sun

    • Italian Chapter: Dimitris is in contact with Marco and Michele

2. domain:

  • Domain is currently held by Richard Cyganiak, but he would like to pass it on.

  • Discussion about options.

  • It was concluded that the main criteria is that the domain owner should be someone more directly involved with the project and Association, ideally a founding member.

  • Critical discussion about legal issues, e.g. what happens if domain owner is sued or similar.

  • TODO: Chris to check whether his Berufshaftpflicht insurance covers any liability respective domain and content lawsuits

  • TODO: executive branch to aid researching an appropriate type of insurance, just in case.

  • Resolution:

    • We will hand over the domain to Chris Bizer and Chris will give Sebastian and Dimitris access.

      • Kingsley agreed on this in an offline email

    • Because Chris is a board member of the DBpedia Association, InfAI and the Association will support him with any legal and liability issues, if such will arise.

3. Direct Fundraising (ways to increase income by third parties)

  • All members are asked to contact companies for direct support

  • TODO: Sebastian and Dimitris to investigate a library license contract, i.e. subscribe DBpedia for educational support, e.g. a university library pays so that DBpedia is available for courses

4. Community / Project Fundraising

  • Get other people to include money for DBpedia
  • Spread info during the hot proposal phases
  • TODO: Enno will contact Antoine Isaac - What does Europeana offer for services for projects?

5. Public Fundraising

  • DBpedia had the first public fundraising campaign on the website and social media.

  • The announcement aligned with the new release:

  • So far, we didn’t received any donations.

  • A comment from the board was that public fundraising via the web site might be ineffective. Still in an experimental phase, will be revisited next meeting for effectiveness.

  • Sebastian talked to Martin Kaltenboeck and Thomas Thurner and they recommended to use different marketing tools.

  • Executive branch to implement the following measures for public fundraising:

6. DBpedia meetings

  • The next DBpedia community meeting will probably held in Thessaloniki (Greece) in Spring 2017.

7. Strategy survey

  • As we discussed in Leipzig during the DBpedia community/board meeting Sören Auer prepared a strategy survey to assess direction where we are going.

  • TODO:

    • Martin Kaltenboeck and Thomas from SWC will be asked for quick feedback

    • Julia will send the survey to the mailinglist and spread it via social media

    • Record somehow who fills out the survey (member, core contributor, user)


2nd Board Meeting August 2016:

1st Board Meeting May 2016: