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December 07, 2016

I want to write a query to fetch triples about entities related to a film. This is the query:

PREFIX dbo: <> PREFIX : <> SELECT DISTINCT ?s1 WHERE { SERVICE <> { ?film ?p ?o FILTER (?film = :Braveheart) . OPTIONAL { { { {?o ?p2 ?o2 .} OPTIONAL { {?o2 ?p21 ?o21} UNION {?s21 ?p22 ?...

December 03, 2016

I have the following code where I get the starring for all films selected:

SELECT ?f ?starring WHERE { ?f rdf:type dbo:Film . ?f dbo:starring ?starring }

Is there a way where I can get films of specific starring (actor) like "Tom Hanks" for example?

December 03, 2016

I would like to get all relations between a Person and a Movie, where anything that is subclass of Person is also a Person (an actor, for example)

This is my attempt:

SELECT ?property ?film WHERE { { ?property rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty; rdfs:range ?person; rdfs:domain ?film. ?person rdfs:subclassOf* dbo:Person. ?film rdfs:subclassOf*...

December 02, 2016

I am trying to retrieve music information from DBPedia. If I run this query on

SELECT DISTINCT ?title ?date (group_concat(distinct ?label;separator=";;;") as ?labels) (group_concat(distinct ?genre;separator=";;;") as ?genres) (group_concat(distinct ?member;separator=";;;") as ?members) (...

December 01, 2016

I am using lookup in dbpedia such as this to extract all results containing the text "All by myself" but now I only want to extract those results in which the description contains the...

December 01, 2016

I am new to quering DBPedia using Sparql. I would like to find people related to a person X using DBPedia.

PREFIX xsd: <> PREFIX rdf: <> PREFIX rdfs: <> PREFIX dbpr: <> PREFIX dbpo: <> PREFIX...

November 30, 2016

I wonder using SparQL to express "How is India related to “Indira Gandhi”? (no need to find all existing relationships, but find at least an interesting one)?" under to explore DBPedia(the RDF-ized version of Wikipedia)

November 29, 2016

For my application I want to get the names and the geographic coordinates of most of settlements in Israel (Tel Aviv, Haife etc.).

My idea is to get it from DBpedia (querying the English pages is enough for me).

I tried this query:

SELECT distinct ?subject AS ?mainSubject ?o1 AS ?name ?o2 AS ?point ?o3 AS ?country WHERE {?subject ?property <

November 29, 2016

I am trying to link entity mentions to a knowledge base, for instance DBpedia or Wikidata.

In the end I want to enrich the JSON output with an arbitrary ontology and hereby provide some kind of semantics. But as a first step it should just look something like this:

{ "index": 1, "mention": "Barack Obama", "characterOffsetBegin": 0, "characterOffsetEnd": 12, "...

November 28, 2016

I have data like this:

<> <> [<> "0.15"^^<>] . <> <> [<> "0.15"^^<http://www.w3....