The DBpedia community as well as its association provide various types of support. Please select one of the following options:

Community Support

  • If you have any questions concerning DBpedia and Linked Data you can ask us on our support page (Sign up required for posting). Volunteer community experts will try to help you and answer your questions. Below the most recent questions are displayed.
  • If you would like to get in contact with the DBpedia community, please read the Get Involved section. There are also tipps on how to become more active and join as a volunteer.

Association Member and Professional Support

  • (coming soon) The DBpedia Association is currently establishing a member support channel for its members. Please find all benefits at the Membership section. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • The Association also provides direct professional support for small tasks/requests and assists in finding and mediating association members with the right expertise for larger projects. Please contact us here .



Question & Answer support system (recent questions):

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How often do dbpedia sync to wikipedia?
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